Flash Storage Systems

Flash memory is increasingly being used as a storage medium, not only in mobile devices but also in PCs and server systems, because of its fast random access, low power consumption, small size, and high resistance to shock and vibration. The density of NAND flash memory, the type of flash memory used for bulk storage applications, has been doubling every year. This trend, which exceeds Moore's Law, is due to a combination of shrinking process geometries and MLC (multi-level cell) technology which allows multiple bits to be stored in a single transistor. These developments have made NAND flash memory competitive with HDDs (hard disk drives), so that SSDs (solid-state disks) based on flash memory are now being used in server systems as well as PCs. We are currently addressing key challenges in the design and implementation of high performance storage systems based on flash memory, combining expertise in computer architecture, operating system, algorithms, and theoretical computer science.

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