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Postdoctoral Researcher

bryansjkim at snu.ac.kr
Building 301, Room 517

Bryan S. Kim
Curriclum Vitae

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Computer Technology at Seoul National University. I was advised by Prof. Sang Lyul Min, and my thesis explored granting autonomicity to SSDs for making performance more predictable.

My interests include storage systems (particularly flash memory-based), operating systems, file systems, and data-intensive applications such as key-value stores.


Research directions
     Performance-predictable SSD [ATC'18, HotStorage'18, RTAS'17]
     High-performance SSD architecture [under review, TC'11]
     Flash memory errors and SSD reliability [FAST'19]
     Scalable key-value store [SIGMETRICS'19]

Recent publications

Youil Han, Bryan S. Kim, Jeseong Yeon, Sungjin Lee, and Eunji Lee
TeksDB: Weaving Data Structures for a High-Performance Key-Value Store.
To appear in ACM SIGMETRICS / IFIP Performance conference, 2019 (SIGMETRICS'19)

Bryan S. Kim, Jongmoo Choi, and Sang Lyul Min
Design Tradeoffs for SSD Reliability.
To appear in USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies, 2019 (FAST'19)

Bryan S. Kim
The Human Manual.
In ACM Crossroads Student Magazine, 25(1): 34-37, 2018 (XRDS'18)

Geonhee Lee, Hyeon Gyu Lee, Juwon Lee, Bryan S. Kim*, and Sang Lyul Min
An Empirical Study on NVM-Based Block I/O Caches.
In ACM SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems, 2018 (APSys'18)

Bryan S. Kim, Hyun Suk Yang, and Sang Lyul Min
AutoSSD: An Autonomic SSD Architecture.
In USENIX Annual Technical Conference, 2018: 677-689 (ATC'18)

Bryan S. Kim
Utilitarian Performance Isolation in Shared SSDs.
In USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems, 2018 (HotStorage'18)

Bryan S. Kim, Yonggun Lee, and Sang Lyul Min
Framework for Efficient and Flexible Scheduling of Flash Memory Operations.
In IEEE Non-Volatile Memory Systems and Applications, 2017: 1-5 (NVMSA'17)

Bryan S. Kim and Sang Lyul Min
QoS-aware Flash Memory Controller.
In IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, 2017: 51-62 (RTAS'17)

Teaching Experience
     Spring 2018: Lecturer for Undergraduate Computer Concept and Practice, SNU
     Spring 2017: TA for Undergraduate Computer Concept and Practice, SNU
     Winter 2012: TA for Undergraduate Digital Systems Design, UCSD
     Fall 2011: TA for Graduate Computer Architecture, UCSD
     Spring 2008: TA for Undergraduate Computer Architecture, SNU


Control Device for Dynamically Allocating Storage Space.
Korea Patent App. 10-2018-0116646.

Semiconductor Device for Scheduling Tasks for Memory Device and System Including the Same.
Korea Patent App. 10-2017-0153547, US Patent App. 15/914915, China Patent App. 2018-1-0298334.X.

Memory Apparatus and Control Method Thereof.
Korea Patent 10-1564574, Korea Patent 10-1531965.

Memory Device and Program Method Thereof.
US Patent 8,493,782, China Patent 101727983, Korea Patent 10-1544607.